The Founder
Samuel Clement aka Mr. Shears
As a painter who's brushes are clippers, shears, and combs I see every person as a canvas of culture seeking to be renewed when they sit in my chair. Barbering for me began as a project to learn how to cut my own, that developed into a skill backed with some hustle and evolved into a passion for the art form. The mission within my craft is to bring out the "glow" in an individual while providing an incomparable experience and garnering a lifelong connection.
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"It's honor to have been chosen as a winner of Beacon's annual nationwide contest. I give thanks to my support system of friends, family, and the glory to the most high. I pray day in day out that I will not to get lost in a persona and remember the reason why I hustle. My ambition is to secure my legacy. It's for my last name not my first."